Brandstack is Back

A couple of days ago I reported that Brandstack was closing up shop. Well, not anymore. The announcement on the site was changed to a “we’re back!” message. Very few details are available, apart from the fact that the site was acquired.

Brandstack has agreed to be acquired. The purchasing company is excited about the opportunity to carry forward the ideals that once made Brandstack great. We’re not ready to release all the details, but feel this is going to be a win-win opportunity for all parties involved, especially the designers and customers of Brandstack.”

They are promising to “take care of” designers owed money by Brandstack.

“The goal of the acquisition is for all designers with outstanding payments owed to them to be 100% paid by the end of December. Yay!”

I really hope that it goes through and that the mismanagement of the site is at an end. Selling pre-designed logos is a good concept, proven by sites like Biz-Logo (that’s been selling pre-designed logos since 2004). Brandstack will be facing stiffer competition this time around, with sites like LogoGround offering better terms to designers. Sloppy management just won’t cut it anymore.

I wish them the best.

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