Bitching About Adobe

I own PhotoShop CS4. Re-installing after a computer crash I was informed that the serial number is “invalid”. I tried again. No luck. I assumed it was because I did not deactivate it on my old PC, which I could not do because that PC was resting in pieces.

I contacted Adobe and explained the problem. They simply said that I had an invalid serial number. No further help. No explanation. I protested, but I was getting nowhere.

So I reluctantly clicked the link in the PhotoShop error message to buy a new serial for CS4. After 15 minutes of searching on the Adobe site I could not find a way to buy a serial number for CS4. Around every corner I had CC shoved in my face.

Can the mighty Adobe really be this shortsighted?

I arrived at the only logical conclusion. The Adobe umbilical cord must be cut. For a while I will struggle without PhotoShop. Initially I will have to work an extra 20 minutes every day to get the same work done. I’ll miss PhotoShop and Illustrator, but I’ll be OK. I am convinced that paying for CC now would put me in a far worse situation: Held captive by a company that unashamedly tries to suck every penny from every user.

(Sucking every penny from every user used to be “just good business” in the pre-Internet era. With the level of connectedness we have now, delivering a fantastic experience every time is the new road to profits. People now have a greater ability to talk about bad experiences, like I’m doing here. When bad press piles up it can reach a critical point where the negativity starts to feed off itself and snowballs. Where it becomes popular to hate a company. I fear that Adobe is closer to this point than they seem to realize.)

If you already legally own CS2, you can download an “end-of-life” version with serial number here:

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