Avoiding the Dangers of Pre-Designed Logos

With pre-designed logos the main concern is exclusivity.

Is the logo
– resold to multiple clients?
– a rip-off of an existing design?
– clip art?

Companies like 99Designs state clearly that they resell logos. Others may hide it in the fine-print or simply not state it at all.

The solution is to buy from a company that makes it impossible to buy a sold logo. If they mark logos as “sold” on the site, see if it is possible to order that “sold” logo. If it isn’t, contact them and ask to buy it anyway. The response will give you your answer. Honest companies will respond “sorry, we can’t”. Less honest ones will respond “sure, pay here”.

Spotting a rip-off or clip art is not as easy, but the test above will say a lot about their integrity. If they are not willing to resell their logos it means that they are serious about copyright, which means they probably won’t sell rip-offs or clip art either.

Sites that sell exclusive pre-designed logos:


These three sites are my own sites so I can vouch for them, but feel free to test my staff by offering to buy a logo that’s been sold on any of those sites.

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