Applying for a Graphic Design Job

Applying for a graphic design job is as easy as sending in your résumé.


When advertising a vacancy for a graphic designer I make a point of including a specific instruction. Something like “please include a PDF document with 5 logos from your portfolio”. About half of the applicants will ignore that bit and just send a résumé.


I’m truly baffled by this.

Why do they bother?

It does make my job easier though. I can flat-out delete 50% of applications and focus on the ones that can pay attention and follow instructions.

Don’t disqualify yourself before your résumé was ever opened.

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  • One of the weaknesses of those producing the designs
    is that they are not always confident about how to use the latest techniques.
    They often ask advice and prefer to work within their comfort zones, failing to
    produce designs that would demand a great deal of time, effort or care.