An Internet Success Building Block

I could not give you all of the blocks – some of them only you can find – but one of the building blocks that I think is essential is also deceptively simple: Ignore the money.

It is easy and fun to focus on how much cash this new venture will make. And how it will make it. We spend a lot of time building beautiful pathways to our order forms. Pathways that few people travel down.

Much better to leave money out of your thinking and your planning. Focus on building something that is insanely useful. Only that. Let the number of people it touches be your measure of success. You really, honestly have to flip this switch in your thinking. The money switch in the “off” position. It was for Google for many years before they flipped it to “on”. Same with Facebook and virtually every super brand on the Net.

And when you flip it to “on”, do it without hurting the core usefulness/value.

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