Alternatives versus Substitutes

Alternatives? Sure.

Substitutes? There aren’t any!

That should be the answer when your prospective client searches for alternatives/substitutes for your service.

An alternative is something that accomplishes more or less the same goal as the thing being replaced.

A substitute on the other hand is “as good as” the thing being replaced.

Big difference.

At Biz-Logo the combination of experience, quality and speed means there are no real substitutes for what we do. Sure there are great alternatives, but you will have to lower your expectations or up your budget.

But as soon as a viable substitute enters the market, a price war ensues. What else is there? Price the other guy to death – and he will of course be doing the same to you.

Much easier to make yourself un-substitute-able again. It’s not that hard.

(Tip: See the previous post.)

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