After-Sales Service

At Biz-Logo we send out an (almost) automated email to every client two weeks after finalization of their project. Just a note to say thanks and to make sure that they were able to use the designs we sent.

That’s the easy kind of after-sales service. The technology-driven, automated kind.

Most clients respond “No problems here, love it!”, but about one in twenty struggle to implement the designs – for example, the logo we created does not fit the available logo area on the web site template they bought.

You could see this as an opportunity to up-sell, or you could see it as an opportunity to delight the client with “above and beyond” after-sales service.

It surprises me that some companies choose neither. They choose the “not my problem” option.

Right. Not your problem. It’s a problem that a client has – someone who has bought from you before and now needs your help again. It’s called an opportunity.

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