A New Copyright

I predict that a new type of copyright or a new approach to copyright is in our future.

I uploaded a new logo on LogoGround last week and this weekend I found my logo duplicated on someone else’s web site. The thing is though that the “copied logo” was older than mine, so mine is the copy. I didn’t copy it of course, I created something from scratch that happened to match an existing logo. I didn’t want to, but I deleted it from LogoGround.

Something even worse is happening in crowdsourcing. Clients actually ask designers to borderline infringe on existing copyrights. Some designers refuse, but there seems to be no shortage of designers who are willing to do what it takes to win a contest.

We will have to rethink copyright. The only alternative is a massive, visual database where designers (and their clients) can quickly check their designs against every other logo in the world. If you know how to build such a thing, get started. There’s a need.

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