100% Commission on Logo Sales

Well, it had to happen. When I launched LogoGround as a logos for sale site in 2011, I offered designers 85% commission on their logo sales. That’s in comparison with sites like 99designs that pay 30% to 50% commission on logo sales.

But it’s not good enough, is it? If the designer does 100% of the work, should she be paid 30%, 50% or even 85% of the money? Unless logo companies start helping the designers with the design work, paying your starving designer 100% commission seems like the only honorable thing to do.

How do we make money then?

We have a few ideas on that, but I am not too worried about it yet. We use LogoGround ourselves, selling the logos that my team and I create. For now we make more than enough from those sales to maintain the site.

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