#1 Secret of Making Money Online

OK it’s not really a secret, but few people get it.

This blog is not for you. Not really. I’m writing for myself. I’m documenting my ideas around something that I’m passionate about – in an attempt to organize my brain. The blogging format happens to fit what I want to do and many people happen to ponder the same things that I do. If my scribbles benefit them, great. Win-win.

The same applies to every successful e-commerce site. The “secret” is that passion can’t be faked. Build a site/business around your passion. Build it for yourself. Build your perfect little world wrapped up as a web site. Be very, very proud of it. Then add the order button.

I have examples of sites that I slapped together (logohospital.com) and sites that I built with love, fussing over every detail (logoground.com). Guess which one is making more money.

(The logo hospital site is up for a rebuild, so if you read this after 2013, the link will show you the new site.)

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