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The free e-zines listed here are rated on their value to the Internet entrepreneur. Nothing else. To get listed here, submit your e-zine for possible inclusion in Pandecta's resource index.

1. Sales From the Edge
by Ken Evoy

At the same high standard as Ken's books, this e-zine is unfortunately sent out ONLY to owners of one of Ken's products. The information is original and brilliant. It is hard to define what it is that sets this newsletter apart. Maybe it's just the sense of "wow... interesting..." that you get every time you read it. I really do mean EVERY time.

Where does Ken get all his ideas?
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If you still haven't read Ken's "Make Your Site Sell", it's at

2. Web Digest for Marketers (WDFM)
by Larry Chase

To the point. "Each issue usually contains 18 short reviews of the latest business-oriented sites. Each review (usually not longer than 120 words) offers a constructive critique of a site that might be useful to you." says Larry. He's the CEO of Chase Online Marketing Strategies.

We use the term "guru" too lightly, but this guru's credentials just go on forever. He lives up to his reputation in this e-zine. First published in 1995, it stays one of our favourites.
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3. I-Search Discussion List
moderated by Detlev Johnson

This is not an e-zine in the true sense of the word, but it comes very close. The discussion topic is "Understanding Internet search technology". Detlev receives contributions from the 8000+ members and publishes a selection of these messages every Tuesday and Thursday. These discussions are highly informative because they deal with instances rather than broad issues.

It is intended for those who promote web sites on the major search engines (everyone) but it does not cater so much for novice search engine users.Those who are new to search engines will find more help at Danny Sullivan's web site "Search Engine Watch".

If you have the basics of web site promotion under the belt and you want to start playing with the big boys, this discussion list is a must.
To join the list, send a blank e-mail to

4. Ezine
by Allan Gardyne

We're not sure what Allan calls his e-zine - if anyone can shed light, that'd be nice. Thanks.
Nonetheless, Allan is the authority on affiliate programs and his e-zine is the essential building block in your affiliate success. Ok, maybe that and Ken Evoy's
book MYSS.

Allan's e-zine concentrates on new developments in the affiliate game, but he often covers other important topics of general interest to Internet entrepreneurs. There's a strange kind of attraction to Allan's writing. Reading his e-zine, you can't help but feel that this is the one guy that'll give it to you straight. Good stuff.
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5. Web Marketing Today
by Ralph Wilson

"Our purpose is to help business people learn how to market their products and services more effectively by means of a website. We also seek to provide on-going support, encouragement, and marketing ideas for Web marketers worldwide." says doctor Ralph.

What makes this one good is that it doesn't overlook the basics. It is easy to forget how little we knew when we started out. It's not only for newbies though. The issues tackled are fundamental web marketing issues that even "experienced marketers" still get wrong.
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6. Website Success Monthly
by LRS Marketing

We think this e-zine is better than its current #6 position. We're placing it at number 6 for now because we have only reviewed one issue so far. If the upcoming issues are on par with the issue we've reviewed, then this e-zine will be going places... Watch out Ken.

A top feature of Website Success Monthly is that it consists of contributions by various members of the LRS Marketing team. This means that you get fairly diverse info from a team of specialists, rather than from one guy trying to be Jack-of-all-trades. One of the highly relevant topics discussed in the issue we've had under eyes, is "Troy's Toolbox - Getting Personal With Perl - Part 2". Troy McKenna, LRS Marketing's programmer, offers some DIY Perl programming know-how like automatically adding an e-mail address entered in an HTML form to a mailing list file. We are looking forward to the next issue.
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7. Doctor Ebiz
by Ralph Wilson

Another one by doctor Ralph Wilson in the top 20 - "Doctor Ebiz address subjects at a more popular level than the detailed articles you find in Web Marketing Today..." Doctor Ralph's Web Marketing Today is for newbies and experienced marketers alike. This one is aimed specifically at the newbies. What we especially like about this e-zine is that it uses a Q and A format. Anyone can ask "Doctor Ebiz" a question which he then answers in the next issue. Its an excellent idea, because it helps doctor Ralph to keep his e-zine in touch with what people really want to know - as opposed to ranting on about something that's been discussed to death in hundreds of e-zines. (Which is precisely why many e-zines never make the top 20)
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8. All the Secrets
by Phil Wiley

175+ issues later, Phil Wiley's "All the Secrets" is a legend in the business e-zine arena. Phil says about his e-zine, "All the Secrets is a free no-hype weekly email newsletter about working from home and making an income on the Internet. It's not just another marketing ezine - it's a newsletter about growing your Internet business, and about growing yourself, to achieve your dream of working full-time on the net."

Having been subscribed to All the Secrets for a while now, we agree - All the Secrets is not just another marketing e-zine. Serious Internet entrepreneurs can not afford to skip this one.
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9. The Internet Marketing Chronicles
by Michel Fortin

IMC deals with all aspects of Internet business in a format that achieves a good balance between articles and more practical tips and know-how. One minor draw-back of trying to cover all aspects of something, is of course that you won't ever be a master of one. IMC overcomes this to a certain extent by relying quite heavily on reader contributions.

The nice thing about e-zines that are entirely written by one person, is that you get to know (and eventually trust) the author. With IMC's reader contributions, you're somewhere between trusting Michel (who selects the best contributions) and wondering just who the hell Johnny is. Nonetheless, it's informative and original. Two characteristics that we value highly.
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10. Elbow Grease
by Webmonkey

This one isn't strictly about e-commerce. It is about the technical aspects of web design. is *the* place to learn what's what in the world of web design and Elbow Grease keeps you up to date with what's what on Webmonkey :-) In other words, use this e-zine to stay on the ball with technical stuff.
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11. The Pandia Post
by Per and Susanne Koch

Here's an interesting one. The Koch's aim to improve the searching skills of their readers. What we found interesting (apart from realizing we weren't searching as effectively as we could) was that we came to understand search patterns and common mistakes a little better. Anything that provides insight into the dark and mysterious ways of the consumer is highly valued around any office.
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12. The Dollar Stretcher
by Gary Foreman

This one does not deal with Internet business directly, but it's certainly helpful. Gary says his goal is to "provide you with useful ways to make the most of your money and time."

It features high up on the top 20 because the advice Gary gives his subscribers is fresh. We can not over- emphasize the importance of this. There are hundreds of e-zines, but very few writers. Very few e-zines that offer a meaningful contribution to our knowledge-base. This one does.

Gary also publishes a couple of other e-zines you might want to have a look at.
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13. Banner Tips

Don't you prefer receiving mail from a person rather than from a URL? The person at responsible for the Banner Tips e-zine might as well put his or her name at the bottom, because it is a fine publication. The effectiveness of banner advertising is a heavily debated subject.

The bottom line of that debate is that if you just slap a banner on a site, it doesn't work. If your banner advertising campaign is based on research, properly evaluated and constantly fine tuned, it can work. The advice in Banner Tips is based on research at, which gives their opinion a lot of credibility.

The way we see it, if you're going to use banner advertising effectively, you're going to need all the Banner Tips you can find...
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14. Business Essentials
by Karon Thackston

Here's a solid business e-zine. Original, valuable information - emphasizing customer relations. The Q and A section proves Karon's expertise.
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15. Opportunity Updates
by R.W. Kleine

The e-zine doesn't deal with opportunities as the title suggests. That is very unfortunate. "R.W." discusses "revealing online marketing tips, feature articles from entrepreneurs making their living online, news, and business-related classifieds" - which is the basic stuff that you'll find in many similar e-zines. To his/her credit, "R.W." does it a lot better than most. Once you get over the disappointment of not reading about any business opportunities, it's a good e-zine.
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16. E-zine Tips
by Brian Alt

This is a daily e-zine for e-zine writers. It covers just about everything related to publishing a quality e-zine - from promotion to finding sponsors. Its not so good that we'll call it "all-you'll-need", but it is a valuable resource and the best e-zine on the topic. We review many e-zines by many authors, about 70% of whom can benefit from E-zine Tips.

If you are publishing an e-zine or considering doing so, read MYSS and subscribe to E-zine Tips. Together, they come pretty close to "all-you'll-need".
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17. BizBarrel
by Anthony Funkhouser

We find this e-zine particularly informative. There is a crowd of people, of entrepreneurs, just aching to make money online, but they don't have a valuable, marketable product or service. Their very worthy efforts remain unrewarded. Anthony does not concentrate on new opportunities to the extent that we believe necessary, but at least he's keeping an ear to the ground. More like this!
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18. Virtual Tomorrow E-news
by Nikki Soo

One specifically for the ladies - or at least that is Nikki's intended audience. It's too good to pass up just because you don't sit when you take a p. Nikki looks at ways to improve women's lives in general, with particular emphasis on economic empowerment. The advice she gives is dead-accurate and it can (and should) be applied in any business. The featured articles are especially useful.
To subscribe, put your name and e-mail address in the body of an e-mail to:

19. The BizWeb eGazette
by Jim Daniels

The BizWeb eGazette features tips and articles designed to make online business doable. It slips two places from the previous rating because recently the tips have not been quite as deadly as the ones we remember from previous issues. Its still a good e-zine - the kind you like seeing in your inbox - but competition is increasing and there are only 20 spots in the top 20...
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20. Bright Ideas
by Cathy Stucker

We're not 100% sure about this one - it's outside our field of expertise. In this e-zine, Cathy Stucker talks about "personal visibility marketing" that only sometimes include Internet marketing. It deals with things like press releases, television interviews etc. It's certainly original.
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