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Search Engine Yearbook Cover

The Search Engine Yearbook 2004

Search Engine Yearbook 2004
A complete guide to search engines and search engine marketing by people who make a living off search engines.
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You Name It Cover

You Name It

You Name It
A 22-page practical guide to finding the right name for your business, newsletter, product and just about anything.
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Ways To Make Money On The Net Cover

The Search Engine Yearbook 2004

Ways To Make Money On The Net
A 37-page e-book that gives real, actionable info on ways to make on the Net. Save a year of trial and error - or your money back.
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What we do (and why you should care)

For the past 7 years we've been testing ways to make money on the Internet.

That's what Pandecta Magazine is about. We get our hands dirty and let you in on what's hype and what works in the real world. This is in-the-trenches Internet business know-how like you will not find anywhere else.

I'm André le Roux, Pandecta editor. This site is where we share our knowledge - and most of it is 100% free. If you're a serious web entrepreneur, this site will help you make more money. Guaranteed.

Be sure to send us your feedback.

But there's something I should mention...

This is about real, long-term Internet business. If you still believe claims like "Make $10,000 a week - while doing nothing", then Pandecta Magazine is NOT for you. We work our butts off to make money online - and the advice we give will only benefit you if you're prepared to do the same. There really *is* money to be made out there, but it's not a free ride.

About subscribing to Pandecta Magazine

You can't subscribe - not at the moment. Pandecta Magazine was started in 1999 - as a way to share with you what we learn about making money online. Since then we have learned so much about making money online that I started feeling uncomfortable about giving advice when we were clearly not as clued-up as we initially thought - so I stopped publication of the magazine.

Right now we're just learning.

Fortunately we have a couple of past experiments that generate enough money to allow us to do this.

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In this newsletter, I share what we learn about making money on the Net - as we learn it. It's short & useful. There's no schedule. I send it (via e-mail) about once every 2 weeks when I really have something that will help you make you more money.

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For all the search engine news that matters - when it matters - and nothing else, subscribe to the free "EnginePaper" Newsletter.

Worried about privacy? Don't be.

When you subscribe to something here at Pandecta or contact us, we send you ONLY that which you asked for. Click here for our full privacy policy.

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you found what you were looking for on our web site. If you still have a question you can probably get it answered in our free e-business forums. By the way, our forum moderators (like Joe Robson, Elwyn Jenkins, Nancy Houtz etc.) are all experts in their respective fields, so the advice you'll get in the forums is pure gold.

Your feedback on any aspect of the Pandecta site, products or services is appreciated.

Remember to bookmark our site and visit again.

André le Roux
Editor, Pandecta Magazine


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The Mother of all Search Engine Reference Books (Recently renamed "The Search Engine Yearbook Free Version".


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Search engine know-how based on experience - not hearsay.
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